Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Apache Rave a new ASF Top Level Project

After one year of hard work, Apache Rave graduated from incubation. Although the resolution was approved by the ASF board last week, the official announcement came only this morning (also featured on NASDAQ GlobeNewswire).

First initiated by Ate Douma and discussed at ApacheCon 2010 in Atlanta, the idea quickly captured the imagination of a group of developers and the proposal was submitted in February 2011. After a bit more then a year and a few releases, Rave is a promising top level project.

Dubbed a "web and social mashup engine", Rave is a powerful yet lightweight, secure, customizable platform for services and content delivery also supporting a number of social network technologies. Due to its content aggregation capabilities via specs like OpenSocial or W3C Widgets, Rave is already adopted by a number of portal projects. As content aggregation happens in the browser, many of the issues of traditional portlet based technologies are avoided.

For those those interested in a versatile platform for content delivery, check out Rave. Congrats to the Rave team for reaching this milestone and good luck going forward!


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  2. I couldn't get what really the Apache Rave is. I guess, this is osme kind of latest technology or might be something else. I am not interested in this topic.