Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take the Apache Camel Survey!

A new Apache Camel release is just around the corner (version 2.5.0) and recently we announced taking the 1.x branch off life support. Therefore the race is on to deliver a new major version, Camel 3.0 early in Q1 2011 (see roadmap).

To that end the Camel PMC worked on a survey last week intended to get a better feel of how the community is using Apache Camel, what the major issues are (documentation, I know) and what improvements and new features you want to see in the next releases. The survey, sponsored by Sopera, is anonymous and its results will be made public and used by the committers to create a remarkable experience for you.

We care about you, our users, and, from the feedback we got so far, I am impressed by how much you care about us back. Your voice is important and it's one sure way to move the features you care most about higher on our priority lists and busy schedules. Needless to say, feel free to reach out to us on the mailing lists and IRC channel with questions and suggestions.

So please take the survey (http://s.apache.org/camel-survey) if you didn't already and receive our gratitude for your continued support.

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